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Mobile application Praha

The application called “Praha chytře” provides you with varied information on social programs, traffic, Prague news, municipal and other authorities, pharmacies and even enables you to report vandalism.




The app offers a range of useful information that facilitate the daily life of Prague citizens

  • Culture and sport – an overview of cultural and sport events both in and around Prague – cinemas , theatres , clubs, concerts , exhibitions and educational events

  • Transport – parking zones, availability of P + R parking lots, meteorologic data, traffic cameras, radars, traffic situation (in cl. closures, accidents)

  • News from Prague – the most important news , attractions and practical information for people of Prague

  • Offices – overview of the offices of the municipal authority of the city of Prague and parts of the city containing the most important information – e.g. contacts, opening hours and other useful information

  • Life situations – practical advice on how to proceed with the authorities in dealing with everyday situations (identity cards , driving licenses , passports , residence changes , the issue of Opencard etc.

  • Pharmacies – summary of pharmacies including practical tools to show pharmacies with an emergency department open nonstop

  • Problem reporting – the opportunity to easily and quickly report vandalism, illegal dump, failure of public lighting and other problems; reports may be provided with photos and information about the exact location

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IT Project of the year 2013 (February 2014)


Our mutual cooperation on the Praha application has been always very inspiring for us. In case of difficulties, eMan team was always capable to find the right solution. Praha app proved to be a good piece of work, award IT Project of the year 2013 may serve as the evidence.

Ladislav BartošLadislav Bartoš

IT project manager
Magistrát hl. m. Prahy

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