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Graphic manual for intranet applications – UX project

Intranet applications are one of the essential working tools in Česká pojišťovna company. The quality of their design and usability can decisively contribute to the efficiency of work.


2012 – 2013


We have implemented an extensive UX project for Česká pojišťovna, which included a complete redesign of intranet applications.

The primary objective of the client was to improve the efficiency of business by the help of the new user interface. Given the fact that thousands of employees and co-workers of Česká pojišťovna work with these applications on a daily basis, even small improvements significantly reduce the total time necessary to carry out particular operations. Higher working efficiency of workers is of course related to financial savings. A second goal was to improve the user experience when working with intranet applications.

Our goal was to create a modern graphic manual which could ameliorate orderliness and interconnection of applications, improve the user experience and facilitate implementation.

Selected parts of the project are:

  • Analysis of current version of intranet applications, interviews with users
  • Preparation of particular features of user interface (wireframes in the Axure RP format)
  • Preparation of files with interface features in the form of graphic design
  • Preparation of fictional screens of user interface
  • Preparation of graphic manual itself
  • Support in the course of the implementation of a graphic manual

The implementation was realized in several phases in the course of 2012 and 2013.


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