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Mobile application Bimbuli Sprites

Bimbuli Sprites are a colouring book which is very easy to use and therefore it is suitable even for little kids. Thus it can help to expand children’s visual awareness and their creativity.

Client:Samsung CR



The application offers manyl pictures of well-known Bimbuli characters from the imaginary Bimbuli planet whose author is Romana Andělová who is also the author of Krkouni. Children may know her characters from children’s books, magazines or Bimbuli TV shows.

Application features:

  • choice of several colouring books
  • possibility to use either a brush or a paint bucket tool
  • it offers nine colours and a magical colour
  • the magical colour paint the image according to its original colours
  • possibility to use an eraser

The Bimbuli Sprites mobile application is designed for Samsung tablets with Android operating system and  Samsung Galaxy Note mobile phones. It can be downloaded for free from the Samsung Apps which could be found in every Samsung mobile device.

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