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Mobile application ČP Invest

Application ČP INVEST is a practical assistant for all the owners of mobile phones interested in investment to mutual funds.


2012 – 2014


Application features:

  • monitoring of the performance of particular mutual fund, including the development in the chart
  • selection of information on followed funds according to personal settings
  • possibility to go through the selected fund’s fact sheet with monthly summary information
  • summary report on current development on capital markets by ČP INVEST’s Chief investment strategist on a 2-week basis
  • possibility to obtain notification if the fund’s price exceeds the pre-set limits (the notification can also be sent on a daily basis and the whole history of the development can be seen on the chart)
  • section of the most frequent inquiries provides advice on the mutual funds investment including a range of practical information (bank account of a particular fund, payment information etc.)

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