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Mobile application Give blood with VZP

The ‘Give Blood’ app is a fast and simple tool for anyone who already is a blood donor or wants to become one.




The application offers a complete overview of 79 collection points, including information on stocks of blood by blood groups.  Blood stocks are updated regularly, and each blood transfusion centre can actively appeal to the donors of blood. It is possible to show all the transfusion centres on the map. Practical feature of the app is the filter of the list of collection points according to the blood group. With the help of the app, donors can schedule their next blood donation, and use the feature of direct export to their calendar. The section Information on the donation provides an overview of useful information, advice and tips related to the blood donation. You will find out why you should donate blood, how the donation takes place, or what are the requirements of the donors.

Application features:

  • search for the nearest transfusion centre

  • possibility to show the collection centres on the map

  • detailed information on a particular collection centre (contacts, opening hours, current blood stocks according to the blood group)

  • possibility to filter the list of collection centres according to the blood group

  • next blood donation plan with the direct transmission of the event to the calendar

  • personal profile

  • share information on the shortage of blood on Facebook

  • badges for the active blood donors

  • practical advice and tips related to the blood donation



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