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Mobile application GymTracer

GymTracer is a training system designed for the purpose of increasing workout efficiency in fitness centres.




2011 – 2013


Workout with GymTracer is entertaining and moreover brings real results. The solution available in Czech, Slovak, English and Polish, consists of two versions. GymTracer Personal for exercisers, and GymTracer Trainer with functions for complete customer service support for trainers.

Features of GymTracer Personal:

  • training diary management allowing you to monitor your performance

  • performance data entering through mobile application or web

  • creation of training templates

  • possibility of using professional templates

  • well-arranged training statistics

  • comprehensive catalogue of workouts including demonstrative 3D animations

  • records sharing on Facebook

  • photo gallery

Features of GymTracer Trainer:

  • client management

  • client workouts entering

  • calendar

  • client payments management

  • + all the features included in the version GymTracer Personal


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