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eMan on START Day 2021

Regina Záhejská

After half a year, the Prague Stock Exchange is coming up with its spring event START Day 2021.

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HUMANS OF EMAN: Michal Czinner

Michal Czinner

In today's episode of Humans, we introduce one of the seniors at eMan, who, in addition to the peaks of the technological world, has also conquered the peaks of the Alps. Michal Czinner, our CFO.

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eMan Reports Turnover of Over CZK 175 Million

Tomas Cermak

Despite 2020 having been a complicated year, the Czech IT company eMan confirmed that software companies are thriving in a crisis. After its successful entry on the Prague Stock Exchange in August, eMan affirmed its ambitions and reported the best economic results in its history. For the first time, turnover exceeded CZK 170 million.

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Humans of eMan: TADEÁŠ BARTOŇ

Tadeáš Bartoň

From sports the law of attraction led him through a gaming studio, to corporate, to project management at eMan. Meet Thaddeus.

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Humans of eMan: Lucie Valentová

Jan Dibitanzl

In this episode of the Humans of eMan series, we will introduce you to our finance department support specialist, Lucka Valentová.

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Digitization of craft and industry 3: The worker of today´s future

Jan Kučera

The protection of human health should always come first. Consequently, digital trends are also extending to safety devices for work in industrial environments.

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Humans of eMan: Martin Hromádko


This episode in the Humans of eMan series is devoted to a rising star who vaulted into a team leadership position within two years. What was his drive? And how does he keep in touch with the real world?

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Humans of eMan: Václav Loufek

Václav Loufek

The next installment in the series about eMan employees is about our energetic, cheerful QA Tester, Vašek. What helps him relax? And how did he shift from recruiter to tester?

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Hackprague 2020

Jan Dibitanzl

A hackathon provides an ideal opportunity for concentrated, collective, creative work, full of innovation and "out of the box" thinking. The event usually lasts one or two days and can be divided into 3 parts: brainstorming; prototype production and testing; final presentation. The teams have the task of coming up with a solution that meets [...]

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Humans of eMan: Hrvoje Vogrinc

Hrvoje Vogrinc

The first eMan to introduce himself in the new Humans of eMan series is a man of many talents, professions, and languages. How did he end up at eMan?

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