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Android Automotive OS through a developer’s eyes

What Google's infotainment center looks like under the hood, and what the future holds for our cars, as contemplated by our full-stack developer Braňo Štupák.

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Czech software developer eMan‘s revenues rise to CZK 224 million [Press Release]

The Prague software house eMan increased its year-on-year turnover by 28 percent, achieving its best results to date. They estimate revenues for 2022 at CZK 260 million.

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AAVIT becomes the first Czech member of DIGITALEUROPE [PRESS RELEASE]

On March 1st, the Association for Applied Research in IT (AAVIT) became the first Czech member of the European platform DIGITALEUROPE, made up of national trade and industry associations and top companies of global significance.

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Pavel Kalný appointed as head of eMan’s technology division. His focus is on AI and blockchain technology [PRESS RELEASE]

Pavel Kalný, a new addition to the Prague eMan software house since the beginning of March, has been named CTO, replacing Jiří Pech. In addition to coordinating individual teams, his agenda will be to promote an innovative approach to modern technologies, as well as helping clients find new opportunities for digitization.

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eMan invests in the technology startup Hardwario. Revenue estimates for 2021 are increased to CZK 224 million [PRESS RELEASE]

The Prague software house eMan joins the startup Hardwario, which specializes in the development of electronic devices for the industrial internet of things (IoT). By joining forces, the companies aim to support the use of IoT technologies in the energy and manufacturing sectors, in which eMan has many years of experience.

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Michal Košek to lead the software house eMan [PRESS RELEASE]

As of the new year, Michal Košek, one of the founding members of the Prague software development house eMan, will lead the company, listed on the Start market on the Prague Stock Exchange. After more than eleven years as Chief Operating Officer, Košek will replace CEO Jiří Horyna, who will continue as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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One for all, all for one: Google’s operating system for every automaker

Nowadays, most drivers are resigned to their car's operating systems being outdated or limited by the manufacturer. In principle, they only function as a kind of mirror of their smartphones. The new Android Automotive OS (AAOS) is designed to constitute the car as a "stand-alone device".

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One of the first cryptocurrency RPG games is coming to the Czech Republic [PRESS RELEASE]

The Prague software house eMan is developing and will start operating an online cryptocurrency game called Alteration. It will be linked to the NFT world and will run on the network of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. The game will be created under a newly established eMan subsidiary, Legend has it.

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Eva Čeřovská – Operations & Sales Consultant

Humans of eMan: Eva Čeřovská

Eva can't imagine a life without dancing, and we can't imagine life without Eva. Countless colleagues at eMan have relied on her work for the past couple of years, and some internal systems would not run at all without her. Meet Eva in the newest installment of Humans of eMan!

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Czech IT company eMan starts its own investment fund, focusing on fintech and digitalization [PRESS RELEASE]

The Prague software house is establishing an investment fund, called eMan Innovations. It will focus on Czech and international projects with global ambitions.

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