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Exploring the possibilities of augmented reality

Vladana Bacova

Technological development is racing ahead at full speed, and functions of augmented reality (AR) can be found in our smartphones for quite some time now. At eMan, we’ve been working with AR since 2011. And that’s quite a while! So, in this article, we’d like to do a brief overview of the most interesting projects that we’ve worked on so far.

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Italian internship at eMan

Tomas Cermak

Marco Vitella and Francesco Di Punzio, are two Italian students attending Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico G. Chilesotti, in a city called Thiene. Both students did a five-week internship under the leadership of our CTO, Jirka Pech. Why did they choose eMan, how was the experience, and what did they learn?

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SourceMod plugins – create your own zombies in Counter-Strike: Source

Přemysl Talich

As is the case with many of my peers, I also grew up playing computer games. Today, I’ll talk mainly about server modifications for the legendary game Counter-Strike: Source. Read on and immerse yourself in a world where anything and everything is possible.

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Clean, PET free water – a story of eMan reducing plastic waste

Tomas Cermak

Nowadays, you see plastic waste everywhere... It’s about time to reduce its usage as much as possible. That is why we are supporting a project called FILTERMAC, which aims to reduce the usage of plastic bottles. Thanks to our initiative, university students did not have to use over 132,000 half-liter PET bottles.

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Jazzy takes care of all your software documentation needs

Lukas Sanda

In the world of IT, it’s said that some documentation is better than no documentation. While that’s true, you can still encounter quite a lot of difficulties when working with any given documentation. That’s why a tool named Jazzy exists. Jazzy is a tool that can generate documentation with a single command. It saves you time and gets rid of the need for lengthy “rewrites” of the code for people who want to understand it. Let’s have a look at how this handy tool works.

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IoT Technology: Sigfox (4/5)

Jiri Pech

In previous articles, we covered two technologies that are not dependent on any telephone service provider. So, if you’re brave enough, you can use them for your awesome solutions while eliminating the need to pay any fees. Today, let’s talk about a different case, called Sigfox.

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Swiftlint – Linter for iOS

Lukas Sanda

Sometimes, in a developer’s life, there appears a tool which can significantly facilitate mutual communication. A tool one can use to prevent a burst of anger and uncontrollable rage. One of these lifesavers is this beautiful linter I will briefly introduce to you today.

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eMan at Brno Space Days

Sandra Davidova

We have long been interested in the aerospace industry and simply could not miss out on the jam-packed Brno Space Days program. Though navigating the D1 highway to Brno is often more challenging than covering intergalactic distances, we brought back plenty of inspiration and new stimuli with us.

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Action packed 2018 and 138 hours of awesomeness

Jana Lochmanova

We roll not only while producing software solutions. We had 30 events for our colleagues in 2018. We enjoy spending time together also outside of work. Last year it took us whole 138 hours! Interested to find out everything that happened?

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IT Recruiter presents: Awesome tips for your job interview

Zuzana Klimova

How do you prepare for an interview and what should you wear as a developer? What can you expect overall from the interview? And what to do when you’re not the chosen one? Our IT recruiter presents a few tips from her everyday work

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