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Digitization of craft and industry 3: The worker of today´s future

Jan Kučera

The protection of human health should always come first. Consequently, digital trends are also extending to safety devices for work in industrial environments.

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Humans of eMan: Martin Hromádko


This episode in the Humans of eMan series is devoted to a rising star who vaulted into a team leadership position within two years. What was his drive? And how does he keep in touch with the real world?

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Humans of eMan: Václav Loufek

Václav Loufek

The next installment in the series about eMan employees is about our energetic, cheerful QA Tester, Vašek. What helps him relax? And how did he shift from recruiter to tester?

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Hackprague 2020

Jan Dibitanzl

A hackathon provides an ideal opportunity for concentrated, collective, creative work, full of innovation and "out of the box" thinking. The event usually lasts one or two days and can be divided into 3 parts: brainstorming; prototype production and testing; final presentation. The teams have the task of coming up with a solution that meets [...]

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Humans of eMan: Hrvoje Vogrinc

Hrvoje Vogrinc

The first eMan to introduce himself in the new Humans of eMan series is a man of many talents, professions, and languages. How did he end up at eMan?

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eMan presents their news and plans on the second start day of the year

Jan Dibitanzl

On October 6, we enjoyed another START DAY, organized by the Prague Stock Exchange. eMan and other issuers on the PX Start exchange shared their news and plans with investors.

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7 ways to improve the customer zone (3/3)

Martin Giertl

Let’s fine-tune some details in this, the final instalment in our series on customer portals. Here, we will talk about responsiveness, cross-selling, and up-selling.

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7 ways to improve the customer zone (2/3)

Martin Giertl

If you missed the first article, you can find it here. A visit to the portal must make sense to the user at every second. We know from surveys that the motivation of over half of a portal's users is to manage invoicing for the service, or to get an overview of its usage stats. It [...]

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7 ways to improve the customer zone (1/3)

Jan Dibitanzl, Martin Giertl

Companies that offer products and services often face a number of common problems regarding communication with clients through portals and customer zones. In this series, we will share our experiences with you as to solving these problems and increasing traffic to the portal, as well as the comfort and satisfaction of visitors.

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Eman shares up by 17 percent on first trading day on the exchange [Press release]

Tomas Cermak

The shares of IT firm eMan, which successfully completed its IPO subscription period on Monday, 31 August, began trading on the START market of the Prague Stock Exchange and the RM-System exchange on Friday, 4 September. Trading on the START market started at the subscription price of 51 CZK per share and ended the day at 60 CZK, an increase of 17.65 percent. The total volume of trades reached 2.79 million CZK.

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