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eMan’s statement on the coronavirus

Michal Kosek

Dear business partners, we would like to state that eMan has informed all its employees about the latest facts concerning the coronavirus, and is taking every possible precaution. To minimize the risk of spreading the virus, we are applying a home-office policy for all our employees to the extent that the protocol allows.

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The dark side of agile development (5/5): Is it worth it?

Dmytro Trofymchuk

On the way from a historic factory to an IT developer, many things can change, improve – even go wrong. The methodology can easily turn into a marketing motto and charade. Good intentions can do more harm than good. The final number in our dark series brings a summary and a few poignant answers.

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Polestar 2 running Android Automotive

Automotive OS: the rise of integrated intelligence

Jan Kučera

The world is just starting to get accustomed to Android Auto, and Google has already introduced an even newer technology. How is it different? And have we already tamed it?

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Honeywell and eMan sign a Memorandum of Understanding

Tomas Cermak

Based on long-term cooperation, Honeywell recognizes us as a partner in innovation and software development.

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The dark side of agile development 4/5: Why hire a project manager when you can burn out by yourself?

Dmytro Trofymchuk

The role of project manager is often taken lightly. In software development, people look at it like it’s a rack of lollipops in a diabetologist’s waiting room. In today's episode we will explain that this is just wrong. A good project manager will save your project from doom.

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The dark side of agile development 3/5: Our client, our soulmate

Dmytro Trofymchuk

The Agile Manifesto is a very functional and effective concept. But multinational corporations sometimes interpret it in their own way and distort its ideas. Therefore, when I talk about the dark side of agile, I must also devote some time to the dangers of a foolishly designed project proposal by the client.

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The dark side of agile development 2/5: Do you know how? YES/NO

Dmytro Trofymchuk

The project manager is not keeping up with deadlines, bugs are in every line of code, and the budget is under fire. But don't worry, a miraculous red pill glimmers on the horizon. An agile world in which everything flows like a dream. For those who cannot manage good results in traditional project management, it’s perfect. Sit back as we watch one of the biggest mistakes about agile, in real time.

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The dark side of agile development 1/5: Theory aside. Deliver a functional product

Dmytro Trofymchuk

I was there when agile development was introduced at eBay. I worked as a Scrum Master in a software house. And since I joined eMan, I‘ve gotten some experience as a software supplier to multinational companies. I like agile, but nobody talks about its dark side. The time has come to shine a light on it.

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eMan at mDevCamp 2019

Jana Lochmanova

On the last day of May, Prague hosted the biggest conference for mobile app developers in Central Europe.  And, as always, we did not miss the chance to be one of the partners of the event. How was it? AWESOME. There were over 700 attendees from 28 countries. Interesting talks, an action-packed program, stands from various IT companies, and several workshops. That was mDevCamp 2019.

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IoT Technology: To infinity and beyond with telecom providers (5/5)

Jiri Pech

In the last part of this series, we stated that, after GPRS was past its prime, telephone service providers were not quick to move on and adopt new technologies. This inability to offer a competitive, modern technology presented the perfect opportunity for the rise of Sigfox and other IoT technologies. Today, we finally catch up and hopefully start to see the future of communication possibilities of the Internet of Things, i.e. the NB-IoT infrastructure, also known as LTE Cat NB1, according to the 3GPP Release 13.

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